2020 Federal Legalization News

2020 Federal Legalization News

2020 will be huge for cannabis. We spoke to Jared Moffat, Marijuana Policy Project, about what to expect at the federal level and which states will be legalizing cannabis in the future.

You can find more information about 2020 legalization of cannabis by searching “2020 news on our website, “Cannabis Industry Lawyer”.
2020, We had to remove all links to external sources if you read this post after October 9. Cannabis Legalization News is an educational news program, but the center of many discussions is cannabis. YouTube is required by federal regulations to allow the use of cannabis. Cannabis remains illegal in the United States. We ask you to visit our website, “Cannabis Industry Lawyer”, and sign up for our newsletter to keep updated on all news regarding cannabis legalization. Respect the cannabis laws in your locality. We’re sorry they removed our channel.

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